Enough! Chega Museum, Dili, Timor Leste

Kianga Klicks Photography

Chega was originally an Indonesian prison where many East Timorese were incarcerated in appalling conditions. This is one of the many cells used and many were overcrowded.
Another prison cell.

IMG_1846 (2)

Visitors to the museum are encouraged to write words of hope on the blackboard.
The barbed wire and high walls are a reminder of this place’s use as a prison.
Various artworks depict various aspects of East Timorese people’s journey.
Part of the CVAR report that led to the establishment of Chega to remind us of the human rights’ abuse against the East Timorese.
Part of the Chega display.
The importance of archives.


This photo features on the cover of the final report.
The final document.
Another area of the former prison preserved to remind us of its grim history.


Author: kiangablog

A tree-changer returning to her country roots after a 30-year plus absence. A lover of words and pictures which has been woven into my career and personal life over several years. I am also passionate about community and seeing individuals reach their potential. I am about to embark on a new journey of discovery with my husband on our 25 acres in Victoria's High Country. I hope my creative talents will inspire others and maybe provide some entertainment along the way.

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