Finding joy in the small things

It is quite surreal this current situation. I am sitting at home safe and well but with an overwhelming knowledge that not all is well in the world. The sun comes up and goes down. The birds sing without a care and the autumn breeze is gentle on my face. I am blessed to live in a rural area where no cases of coronavirus have been confirmed and free to roam about my property and nearby town (for the time being!). However, the endless number of event cancellations and the empty shelves in our local supermarkets tells a different story. But I am determined to distract myself with other thoughts. My home is full of special memories, books and objects that give me great joy.

The other day I found an op shop buy for $2 to add to my vinyl collection. Opera may not be everyone’s cup of tea but Australia’s late Dame Joan Sutherland was without a doubt one of the world’s most gifted singers we have known. I regret that I never had the opportunity to see her perform live. Over the years I have watched many of her performances on the television. It is still on my bucket list to attend an opera at the Sydney Opera House. The vinyl may crackle but the soaring voice of Joan Sutherland gives me such joy. I found a performance from Tosca to share below.

Whatever gives you pleasure – whether it be music, words, pictures or film – enjoy the gift of creativity as a way to escape the onslaught of media coverage during this crisis. Let me know what small things give you joy? I’m sure others would love to know.

Author: kiangablog

A tree-changer returning to her country roots after a 30-year plus absence. A lover of words and pictures which has been woven into my career and personal life over several years. I am also passionate about community and seeing individuals reach their potential. I am about to embark on a new journey of discovery with my husband on our 25 acres in Victoria's High Country. I hope my creative talents will inspire others and maybe provide some entertainment along the way.

2 thoughts on “Finding joy in the small things”

  1. What a beautiful post on finding joy where you are. Like you, we are fortunate here to step out to the back porch and enjoy the woodland view, and if prompted, we venture beyond for a walk to the orchard and old river channel. Nature abounds, and spring has arrived. I am not panicked by current events, mostly because we have always lived with preparedness. It’s how I grew up. Be ready for anything! I do not like what I see going on in many places – an every man for himself attitude, but I also see compassion, encouragement and many people doing what they can to make the situation better. Finding joy in our homes and present situation is the gift in what is unknown for future weeks and maybe months. Turning to panic and misery will only attract more of the same to life. We get every experience we’re suppose to have in this life. It is how we move through the situation that matters.

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  2. So true. I am about to take my camera and go for a walk along the river. I don’t know about you but I think I need more outdoors and less media to keep my mind clear! Keep safe!


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