Oh, well spotted deer!

Living on our 25 acres we are often surprised by special animal visitors. We often see kangaroos but deer are much rarer. Our property is surrounded by cleared farming land and lots of cattle. Up in the hills and towards the mountains Samba deer are common and considered a feral nuisance. This little fellow was prancing outside our kitchen door on our lawn late afternoon on Boxing Day. Because it was a bit nervous, I was trying to take photos through my dirty windows so the quality may not be up to my usual standard. However, my husband and I were thrilled to have such a pretty visitor. I did wonder if Santa Claus had left one of his team behind on Christmas Day. It finally with little leaps and bounds disappeared to where we don’t know.

5 thoughts on “Oh, well spotted deer!

  1. What a healthy-looking fawn! What kind of deer do you have there? Our white-tail deer do not have antler growth until they are yearlings. The spots are the same as your deer. What a sweetie… I’m in LOVE!!


    • We have a lot of Samba deer which attracts lots of recreational shooters to the nearby bushy hills. Someone told me this deer was a fallow deer. I haven’t had time to read about different deer types. There are those that are farmed for venison but not much around here. All my city friends fell in love too when I shared a photo on Facebook. I think there are many of us who remember Bambi!

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  2. We have whitetail deer in the U.S. where I live. So beautiful. The fawns are running around now. I was taking my Border Collie (named Bisbee) for our morning walk (5 miles), when we heard a snort in the woods and out burst a lovely spotted darling that almost ran me over! She stopped in a field of corn to turn and stare at us. We told her everything was ok . . .
    Blessings, Ron

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    • They are beautiful indeed but sadly have increased so much in numbers that they are causing problems for drivers on local roads and local residents. You should check out fellow US blogger Littlesundog who I follow who rescues deer and shares her stories and photos. She is also a beautiful writer and has some wonderful insights into the natural world and human beings.


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