Stuck in Paradise Down Under!

Mountains and lakes form part of my escape to paradise in the High Country.

Here in Australia it looks like our leaders are preparing us for the road out of the COVID-19 crisis come June with an easing of more restrictions. While our nation is the envy of other countries with our low rate of infections and death toll at 101 to date, it is not guaranteed that we will avoid a second wave of the virus outbreak without a vaccine available as yet. To me this coming out is the most dangerous part so far because I have been able to self-isolate at home and minimise face-to-face contact with others. In one way I am not in a rush to return to “normal” because that means getting back on a crazy treadmill of life activities. On the other hand a sunny beach holiday (has turned cold down south!) or a trip for lunch at my favourite winery with friends would be nice!

One of the most notable aspects of this lock-down has been the level of innovation and creativity emerging via our computer and phone screens in recent weeks. I have enjoyed listening to balcony concerts from fellow blogger and soprano Charlotte Hoather from her London flat through to fun parodies of popular pop music.

Stuck in Paradise is a parody of the 1980s hit Run to Paradise by Australian band The Choirboys. The video is typical of Aussies poking fun at themselves even when the going gets tough. The original song brings back special memories of being stuck on a Contiki bus tour in 1989 and travelling through the former Soviet Union and East Germany. For three weeks every morning when we boarded the bus that was the theme song for our trip with no respect for those of us suffering from overindulgence in vodka and black-market champagne the night before!

Our hearts go out to those who have suffered terrible loss and upheaval during this coronavirus emergency but a sense of humour and a love of the arts is helping many of us find the road out.

5 thoughts on “Stuck in Paradise Down Under!

  1. Hello Kianga, thank you so much for listening to our balcony concerts and for sharing one of our videos in your blog post! I really enjoyed listening to the parody – so funny and brilliant!
    I hope you can visit your favourite winery with friends soon!
    Take care,
    Charlotte x

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    • Hi Charlotte, Many thanks for your lovely words. Glad you liked the parody – Aussie style. I have been listening to your music online for a while now and my English-born husband reminded me that you did your own parody about cornetti icecreams!

      Wineries, restaurants, and cafes are opening up here but only with a limited number of people and under strict social distancing guidelines. My husband originally from Lancashire has family in Berkshire who we keep in contact with regularly. Thank goodness for What’s App with the arrival of a new baby boy born in lockdown! You take care too and thank you for sharing your gift. Who knows I might get to see you perform on the stage when it is safe to travel overseas again. Lynn xx


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