A beautiful set of numbers, not!

Dark winter skies during COVID-19

The former Australian treasurer and Prime Minister, Paul Keating reknown for his cutting comments in parliament and memorable quotes used the words “a beautiful set of numbers” to describe the nation’s economic outlook. Sadly, here in Victoria over the past two weeks we are playing a dangerous numbers’ game with new COVID-19 infections hitting triple digits and several more deaths after weeks of being cautionsly optismtic of flattening the curve. We were leading the way with zero new community transmitted coronavirus infection cases. But as all the health experts and our government leaders tell us there is no room for complacency. With the exception of NSW which recorded 20 new cases today, all the other states and terrorities have managed to avoid any new cases or community outbreaks in recent weeks. Victorians are not welcome over the state borders. This has created headaches for those who live and work in towns located along the borders on both sides.

I am one of the forunate ones living in regional Victoria where there have been only three confirmed cases which was early in the pandemic. Our city friends and one regional shire are now forced back into Stage 3 lockdown while the rest of us are free to move around while abiding by social distancing restrictions. It has become a macarbe pastime waiting for the daily media conferences by our state leader giving the COVID-19 figures for the past 24 hours. While the numbers have come down today we are still in triple figures which is cause for alarm. The COVID-19 Pandemic State of Emergency has been extended until August 16 in the state of Victoria. It is very tough on people in the city of Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire being forced back into Lockdown for the third time but the government is trying to avoid Stage 4 Lockdown restrictions if possible. As of midnight on Thursday, all residents outside their homes will be required to wear a face mask (under 12s will be exempt) as per the web link below.

For those living in regional areas in Victoria that are not under lockdown but still adhering to social distancing restrictions and hygiene procedures the official advice is if you feel you cannot keep the 1.5 metre distance from other people you should wear a face mask. To further protect our rural areas more COVID-19 testing sites are being set up including one in our local town from this week.

My husband just called me outside to view the most beautiful rainbow over the hill near our house. Maybe that is a good sign of better things to come, just as my early flowering daffodils promise hope as they explode into a bright yellow display. The colour is most welcome as our winter has been a cold and grey one since the official start of winter from June 1.

Today July 20 also marks the anniversary of the first man on the moon in 1969. I remember watching the black and white television in the school master’s house with the other 12 students from my bush primary school as this history in the making event unfolded. Surely, if we can put a man on the moon we can find the means to beat this coronavirus that is causing such global havoc. One has to have hope.



4 thoughts on “A beautiful set of numbers, not!

  1. If Covid was the only unsettling thing concerning us here in the USA, I’d feel better and more hopeful about things. I have never experienced such hatred, violence and killing. There are many problems to be solved in the world, but violence has never been the answer.

    I hope we can all come together for the good of each other. I hope you and your husband keep well, Lynn.


    • Sadly, this COVID-19 has exposed the divisions that exist in our society to such an extent that we seeing it amplified and playing out before us like never before. I do hold grave concerns for those who were already struggling with disadvantage and entrenched poverty. But as you say Lori we are seeing the worse of human nature during this period and do we really want to go back to “normal” if the underlying issues are not addressed. Since I wrote my post the state of Victoria has recorded more than 400 cases yesterday and five deaths. I feel for my friends in the city. One of them got abused by a random driver who ended up in their cul-de-sac while she was out walking. The agression and the threatening nature of his words has shaken her and that sense of being safe in one’s own home territory.

      The enforcement of wearing face masks came in yesterday for residents while out in the lock-down areas may help reduce the spread. We are not required to wear them where we live but the advice is if you feel you cannot socially distance for 1.5 metres then wear a mask.

      On a more cheeful note I am watching the magpie outside my window raiding nesting material from my hanging basket. They also like the cat hair I throw out on the lawn from brushing my cat Rambo. Although, it is still very cold, we can see the buds forming on the trees. There is a sense that spring is on the way. You and FD stay safe and well too.

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      • Being out in nature every day really helps, doesn’t it? Taking on these three orphaned fawns has been a delight. Tukker has finally started running with a couple of bachelor bucks. Punkin the squirrel had babies this summer, and she’s been coming for pecans and fruit. It feels good to know we’ve made a difference in the lives of orphans. I hope that we can all make a difference where it is needed in the world.

        We must wear masks in stores or any business. School begins in August, and there is controversy about whether it is a good idea or not. I do not get hooked on the numbers, I’m not sure that information is reliable here. And we certainly cannot trust what the media tells us.

        I feel for people who have been without work. Thankfully, this area has a large Native American population and the tribes have been working to get food to people who need help. I am always amazed at how in times like this we also see the best in folks.


      • Love your animal tales Lori! I would love to see what baby squirrels look like!
        You are so right there have been some wonderful stories of people supporting others. I think you are right about the numbers. Although we are a much smaller population here in Australia, our Victorian Priemer, has stressed the importance regardless of what the numbers are not to be complacent. We went from zero to triple digits in a matter of days.
        I love it that your Indigenous people are looking out for others.


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