Masking up Down Under

In my home amongst the gumtrees in Victoria’s High Country

The Kookaburras laugh from their lofty perches

At the sight of masked humans going about their business.

The state government has mandated face coverings for public forays.

I can make it to the farm gate without covering up my face

But as soon as I cross the cattle grid out comes my mask;

My defence against a world that is playing host to a virus

That has us locked down in a fight against an enemy that doesn’t bear arms.

In a small town where we are use to greeting one another as old friends;

We hog supermarket aisles; as we compare the price of sheep and cattle;

If we are fortunate we can also boast our latest rainfall readings;

Battered hats and well-worn boots can separate the townies from the farming folk;

But a second look is needed as we try to recognise each other wearing such strange attire.

Face coverings come in all shapes and sizes, some in colours and designs;

In a display of the wearer’s fashion sense and personality.

Forced to adopt this strange new ritual we hope to flatten that damn curve.


Another Aussie take on this COVID thing is a ballad by comedian Sammy J. Apologies to “Banjo” Paterson who penned the “Man from Snowy River”, a poem that inspired the movie made in the High Country where I live. The Bunnings reference is to a rather large chain of hardware stores popular with do DIY types and tradies. Also apologies to anyone called Karen who may be offended.



4 thoughts on “Masking up Down Under

  1. I enjoyed that video clip! What a clever story. I don’t wear my mask unless warranted in public, which is becoming more lax in this small city as the weeks go by. It’s good to see a little humor in all of this. I’m thankful we do not have to get out much, and that life here on the little ranch is still carefree and safe.

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    • Wearing masks is a foreign concept to us here Lori. Being a small town and no tourists about due to the Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne and Stage 3 in regional Victoria, most of us are only mixing locally and not moving about the state. Not sure when I will get to visit family or friends interstate, with the current border closures. I am so thankful that I live here in a country place with freedom to walk and ride my bike without too many people around. I’m glad you enjoyed the video clip. Sadly it was based on a real incident about a Karen demanding her rights to not wear a mask – sounds familiar?
      I watch the news coming out of your country with great interest. Let’s hope and pray that some stability and real leadership is possible to turn things around for the better.

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      • Unfortunately, you get the “fake” news as Trump calls it. We only find one network reliable and that is One America News. We need need Trump to keep law and order, and our economy up in this country. Trump brought good change, though I’m sure that was never reported to other countries – the news is completely unreliable. There is a lot I would like to say, but I’ll keep my yap shut seeing how you already feel “real leadership” and “turn things around for the better” is necessary.


      • You are not the first person (American) to tell me there has been some good things achieved by Trump. Regardless of who is in charge I think providing stability is vital. (Not convinced Biden is the answer but that is up to the voters not me). This pandemic has shown in my own country the huge cracks that have been papered over by politicians and public servants that are now being exposed.
        I try to consume a variety of media and look at things from both sides. Having worked as a journalist I know it is so important to speak to all involved to get a balanced view. It is also easy to be accused of being a bleeding heart leftie. I did watch a really good Australian current affairs show on our our independent broadcaster where Americans were interviewed about their views on Trump and it was a most interesting insight. I guess, we have to be very careful of sitting on the other side of the world and telling a country and its people what to do. Take care!

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