Spring has sprung

By Lynn Elder

Spring has sprung in all its fullness.
A fickle season it brings abundant dampness,
But also cloudless days
Of warmth and soul-restorative sunshine rays,
Coaxing buds from their tight embrace
To bring blossoms and petals in a race
Against the changing seasons.
The daylight hours brightens
As a harbinger of shedding off the cocoon
Of winter sloth to welcome the spring none too soon.

2 thoughts on “Spring has sprung

  1. It has been a terrible summer in California. Hope you get a reprieve from the heat and dry days soon Betty. We had a huge dump of rain over the weekend causing minor flooding. At least it gave the locals something to look at during lockdown. Regional Victoria is finally out of lockdown 7 as of midnight last night albeit with many restrictions still in place. Cases are still increasing in Melbourne to over 300 while NSW has over 1500! Take care. Andy is out cycling with our social riders this morning.


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