Shades of Autumn

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” – Unknown

The clocks were turned back during the first weekend of April and it seems to have coincided with a definite change in the seasons. There is a coolness in the evening air despite some days of sunshine. The mid-March temperatures in the low 30s and annoying blow flies seem to have disappeared here in Victoria. But April can produce some stunning Autumn weather to enjoy over the Easter holidays. Will wait and see. We have avoided floods here but our hearts go out to those especially in NSW who have experienced severe flooding twice within a month.

For me autumn offers a calming time of year. It is subtle and yet spectacular as it reveals its hidden beauty. From green to gold, yellow to red. Here in North East Victoria the colours of autumn tend to really come into their own about mid April to early May. Then the great shedding of leaves starts as we approach winter. Raking is one way to get a good work out!

Over the weekend I explored our 25 acres with camera in hand for different perspectives and to capture the various tints and hues of the changing season. I also managed to find glorious brightly-coloured flowers.

There was also a visit to one of my favourite local places, Jamieson, an historic Victorian township on the river and in the bush-clad hills that were once home to many searching for gold. My husband and I attended the once a month Anglican church service which was followed by lunch in a nearby café.

Whatever season you may be going through, remember to enjoy the one you are going through now!

16 thoughts on “Shades of Autumn

  1. It’s our dry season now I am learning through blogging about all the different seasons throughout the year around the world..beautiful images my favourite is the one with the beautiful autumn maple leaves such pretty colours 🙂

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    • Thanks Gary. It does get cold here by Australian standards in winter. Our property is at 450 metres above sea level and we did get snow in October 2020. It only lasted a couple of hours on the ground but was very pretty!

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  2. The North-East was always a wonderful place to observe the changing, seasonal pace of nature..From beauty to sheer terror of bushfires and floods and the feeling of the sun warming the bones to deep penetrating cold of a frosty winter morning. Never a dull moment. Lovely to see you you appreciate so much Lynn and Andy. Love Dad.

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