Twixt autumn and winter

Autumn is usually that settled period before winter arrives in earnest but this year it seems different. Spring is notorious for its fickle nature and the way that winter really doesn’t want to be gone too soon. A fellow blogger got me thinking about the time between seasons with his series on micro-seasons. This seems to be rooted in the Japanese culture unlike our western ideal of four seasons. We cannot mold the seasons to suit our requirements so maybe accepting these subtle or not so subtle periods twixt the seasons makes good sense.

Looking through my photos I was reminded of those occasions and activities that fall into autumn. Here in Victoria we start with a public holiday known as Labour Day in March. Then comes April holidays and the marking of Easter on the Christian calendar. On April 25 we also remember sacrificial love and duty to God and country when World War One broke out and so many took up arms to protect us. Sadly World War Two followed and other conflicts continue. ANZAC Day is not about glorifying war but honouring those who served. Younger generations of Australians and New Zealanders are learning about this part of their history. This year with no COVID restrictions more than 300 people turned out for the dawn service in our small town followed by the traditional gun fire breakfast usually a bacon and egg sandwich. Later in the morning there is a procession where veterans and other community groups and individuals are proudly involved.

The view from my bedroom window is changing with the arrival of foggy mornings and hot air balloons on crisp clear mornings. We see a red fox slinking through the grass in search of food and other times a family group of kangaroos waiting for the sun to arrive.

May is also when we celebrate Mother’s Day in Australia with all its commercial focus on pampering Mums everywhere. I managed a trip interstate to visit my own Mum. Last year, the borders between the states were being closed due to COVID and I just got home only hours before they were. I enjoy the larger open farming spaces of where I grew up. While visiting there was lots of burning off of stubble to make way for the next lot of crops. There is very little cropping near where I live now.

A new array of autumn colours has emerged while other trees shed their leaves freely. The sound of chainsaws echo in the valley as firewood is gathered for the coming cold months. The latest load of Black Angus steers has departed. Our birdlife changes with the seasons and weather. The colourful and cheeky King Parrots come searching for some wild bird seed. The weather has been a mixture of sun and rain with snow forecast this week on the nearby mountain. No doubt winter will arrive soon enough and with it comes the thought that we are almost halfway through another year!

Nature is not only what is visible to the eye – it shows the inner images of the soul – the images on the back side of the eyes.

-Edvard Munch (1863-1944) Norwegian painter and printmaker

6 thoughts on “Twixt autumn and winter

  1. Stunning photos! Such a glorious landscape of colour. Makes me want to migrate south, it’s so feral in QLD at the moment, either pouring or humid 😦 not sure we’re even going to get a couple weeks autumn, let alone winter…
    Enjoy those delicious crisp mornings!


    • I spoke to a family member in Queensland yesterday who said it was hot and humid while I was sitting in front of my wood fire! Down to 4 degrees this morning! But living down south there is a much bigger sense of the seasons. Many thanks for your kind words and taking time to comment.

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    • Thanks Margaret. This cold, wet and snowy winter is one out of the box. It seems like years since we had a run of days of rain and very cold. 5 degrees here this morning and trying to rain. Loads of snow on nearby Mt Buller. We haven’t been able to see the mountain for the last week or so because of the low cloud. It is very wet underfoot so not much happening outdoors. Thanks for dropping by. Lynn

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  2. Wonderful collection of captures! Your shot of the web is stunning!! Beautiful, rolling landscapes and foggy scenes, so nice. I am envious of your 25 acres of land, so much to explore and love. My inside house chores would never get done! 😉


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