First month of winter

By Lynn Elder
The icy embrace of snowy climes soon brings autumn to its knees.
No good praying for it not to be when winter arrives on time.
Artic blasts keep temperatures in check while us mere mortals shiver,
And slosh about in rubber boots to keep the water out. 

13 thoughts on “First month of winter

  1. Hi Lynn, Flaming cold here ,too. Down to 8 degrees overnight and only a chilly 20 now with a cool }breeze.Been beautiful, brilliant sunsets past week or so, ash from a Tongan (?) volcanic eruption have been giving from golden orange to to deep alizarin colours with upbursts of pink as the sun disappears.
    Just finished a painting of a pink and grey sunset from Maroochydore Beach I saw on a beach walk. I still love the black and white photographs you have taken, it gives such a strong sense of chilly mist and calm. LOL Dad.

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