Some random photographs taken during 2022, most close to my home. Although there was much more freedom to roam than in the previous two years, life seemed to be focused on the scenes, animals and community activities of our local area. There is much to be grateful for and as we all head into 2023 may that continue. Happy New Year.


14 thoughts on “2022 IN FOCUS

  1. Hi Lynn. Looks like you had an interesting year in 2022. I love the echidna, which brings back happy memories of our only visit to your wonderful country. Driving on a backroad somewhere in Tasmania we spotted an echidna by the side of the road, and stopped to take photos. The echidna quickly decided it would be a great idea to stick his nose up my trouser leg and have a good, long sniff! Eccentric behaviour, I think, but totally unforgettable!

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    • They are alpacas Andrea. Llamas are much bigger and have longer necks. Yes, I did receive your email, which I was intending to respond to. The same image please. Rambo is still with us after he bounced back from being on the drip. But we still need to give him pills and keep an eye on him. Lynn


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