Hope beyond grief

We are drawn to the light…

Today marks the first anniversary of losing my stepson, Matt. At age 39 he made a decision to end it all. For his Dad and I it has been a journey of trying to make sense of this action and how we share his story to encourage others to talk about suicide. I wrote a post about this last year where I encouraged people to reach out to others who may be struggling

I don’t feel it is right to share his images with strangers or without his permission. I have never been one for sharing my personal grief on social media although I respect those that find it helpful. We are all different in our responses to grief. However, Matt’s Dad and I believe, that the best thing we can do is live our life to the full and honour his memory in that way.

I was clicking through my numerous photos today and I was struck by how the vision of the sun shining through the mist offered a glimmer of hope. The restorative power of nature should never be underestimated. I have gathered several pictures that resonated with me and provided a sense of beauty that speaks to the soul even when we are in a dark place.

Please remember there is help out there for yourself and loved ones. Useful links for two Australian organisations are below:



10 thoughts on “Hope beyond grief

  1. There aren’t any words to help comfort folks who must face this manner of loss. We have so many questions that can never be answered. And because we can never walk in another’s shoes to have understanding of their life’s struggles and choices, we simply try to find closure in honoring the time they were in our lives and know the gift they offered while they were here. I’m so sorry for your loss.
    Lynn, your images of the High Country are outstanding. My favorite is the one of birds flying high in the sky. To me, it symbolizes freedom of the spirit to rise above – to glide and soar!

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    • So true Lori. Like you I love to wander with my camera and capture different perspectives of where I live. Trying to capture those birds in flight was difficult. I think it is called a murmur when the birds circle like that in small circles. I saw something once on a David Attenborough documentary. The sound they make is amazing as they swoosh down over the dam and then settle in the reeds.

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