A day for cats across the world

Author: kiangablog

A tree-changer returning to her country roots after a 30-year plus absence. A lover of words and pictures which has been woven into my career and personal life over several years. I am also passionate about community and seeing individuals reach their potential. I am about to embark on a new journey of discovery with my husband on our 25 acres in Victoria's High Country. I hope my creative talents will inspire others and maybe provide some entertainment along the way.

2 thoughts on “A day for cats across the world”

    1. Friskie was very special and his photo has been downloaded all over the world. I wrote a short story for a local competition last year about his life from smelly city cat to being a country aristocrat! While I didn’t win it got published in a collection and made a few people cry. I am sorry to hear about Jag too. Many thanks for letting me reblog your post. With the time difference I realised very late in the day it was International Cat Day!


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